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Viewing and Sending Winclone Logs


If you are having issues with creating or restoring a Winclone image, here are the steps to view and send the Winclone log to resolve the issue.

Turning on verbose logging

In order to get more information during imaging and restoration, you should turn on verbose logging. Select Preferences from the Winclone menu, and check the box next to Verbose Logging.

View the Log

After you have turned on verbose logging and are seeing the issue, select Open Console Log from the Window menu. This will show all the system messages, including information about Winclone.

Console Log

You can filter just the Winclone logs by searching on the word Winclone. Makes sure that you have All Messages selected (it is selected by default).

Saving a Copy of the Log

In order to send a copy of the log, you must save a copy of the log and then compress it. From the File menu, select Save A Copy As.... Note that this will save all the messages in the log, not just the Winclone messages.


When prompted, save the log to your desktop.


Since the log can be quite large, it should be compressed prior to sending. Control-click on the log that you saved on your desktop, and select Compress "All Messages.log".

Sending the log

You can now email this compressed log (with the extension .log.zip) to support@twocanoes.com along with a description of your issue.

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