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Translating Winclone


If you are interested in converting Winclone to your language, follow these simple steps.

Application Bundle

First, control-click on the Winclone application icon,and select Show Package Contents.

Contents Folder

You should see a Contents folder. Open that folder as well.

Resources folder.

All the language files are in the Resources folder. Open that folder.

Duplicate English.lproj

Select the folder called "English.lproj" and from the File window in the Finder, select Duplicate.

Language Name

Rename the new folder from "English.lproj copy" to the ISO 639-1 code (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes) followed by ".lproj". For example, Polish would be "pol.lproj".


In TextEdit, drag one of the lproj files from your language folder onto of the TextEdit application to open it.


Each line that needs to be translated has a comment before it (seperated by /* and */). You do not translate the comment. The comment is just to give some additional information about where the next line is used in the app. The lines that requires translation are the lines that follow the format of quoted text, then an equal sign, then quoted text again. The first quoted text should be left in English, and the quoted text after the equal sign needs to be translated.


For example, these 2 lines are translated to Italian. Note that the comment is not translated, and that the text to the left of the equal sign is in English, and the text to the right of the equal sign has been translated to Italian.

Testing Winclone

After you have translated all the lproj files in your language folder, and saved them, open up Winclone. You now see that Winclone is now localized (assuming that you have selected your language in Language & Text in System Preferences).


1. Do NOT use quotes if you can avoid it. If you must use quotes, then make sure to add a backslash before the quote like this: \"
2. If the application does not launch after you localize it, drag your localized files to your desktop, and add in fresh copies of the english versions. Then copy and paste in your translation line by line, checking to see if it launches after each paste and save. This will help you identity where a syntax error may be.

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