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Troubleshooting a Winclone Package Install

If you have created a package with Winclone Pro and are getting error messages, try these tips:

Install the package manually
If you are deploying the package with a client management system, try installing the package on a destination system to see if you get any errors.  If you don't, it is most likely related to how the package is being deployed.

Check the Install Log
When manually installing the package, open up the installer log by going to the Window menu and selecting Installer Log.  In the window that comes up, select Show All Logs to see all errors and warnings.

Check the build log
A Winclone based package deployment depends on the postinstall script, and that script's output does not go to the install log.  To see that log, open Console and select File->Open....  When the Open window comes up, press  Command-Shift-g to open the Go To folder sheet, and enter in /tmp.  Select the winclone_package.log and check for any errors.

 Common Errors

* Can't Unmounted drive

If you see a message like this in the log:

Aug 24 14:58:59 mac installd[1191]: ./postflight: unmounting /dev/disk0s4
Aug 24 14:58:59 mac installd[1191]: ./postflight: Volume DOS on disk0s4 failed to unmount: dissented by PID=0 (kernel)

Verify that some other process (like Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection) isn't scanning the volume and preventing it from being unmounted.

* Error writing to disk0 / disk1:

If you see an error similar to this one:

Aug 25 10:14:41 MAC installd[395]: ./postflight: writing bios
Aug 25 10:14:41 MAC installd[395]: ./postflight: *error writing /dev/disk0
Aug 25 10:14:41 MAC installd[395]: ./postflight: errno is 1

Disable SIP and try installing the package again.

* Partition already exists

If you configure a package to create a boot camp partition, and the installer detects any MS-DOS / NTFS partition, it will fail with error message like this:

Aug 28 14:15:56 mac installd[372]: ./postflight: Bootcamp partition already exists. Exiting

To resolve, unplug or remove any MS-DOS / NTFS volumes when restoring the package.

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