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Setting up a Status Board with Geohopper

Geohopper 2.0.4 introduced a great new feature: Status Board.  Geohopper is an app that alerts you when your Geohopper connection enters or leaves a location they define with a Geofence or Beacon, and now we take that to the next level by providing a status board of everyone’s last enter or exit event.  This is an awesome way of quickly letting you know if people are in the office, in their car, available for a conference call, or have gone for the day. 


The status board feature works great with Geohopper Beacons, and fully supports geofences as well.  The status board can be viewed in any browser and works great with Status Board from Panic (http://panic.com/statusboard/).  Follow the simple steps below to enable Geohopper’s status board feature:


1.  Download Geohopper 2.0.4 or later from the App Store and register the device with the Geohopper service.

2.  Set up a beacon or geofence to notify yourself when entering or exiting an area.  The easiest way to do this is with a Geohopper Beacon.  Just tap Locations, then New, and follow the steps to set up a beacon or geofence. Your status board will be a bit lonely, as it will only show your own enter and exit events.  To make things more interesting, invite colleagues to connect to you with Geohopper and their enter and exit events will be added to the status board as well.

3.  Under Settings in Geohopper, turn on Status Board.

4.  Copy the URL and view the status board in a browser.


To configure this feature to use with Status Board from Panic:


The Status Board feature works great with the iPad app Status Board from Panic.  We created a customized template that works great with the list widget.  Follow the instructions below to set up a great looking Geohopper status board in Status Board from Panic:


1. Download Status Board from the App Store on an iPad.

2  Load the URL for the status board in Settings in Geohopper in Safari on the iPad.  Note that the bottom of the page has a link for a status board template.  Select it:


3.  Copy the URL and add it to the URL section of a list widget in Status Board:


4.   You now have an awesome looking Status Board.  Connect your iPad to a large format HDTV and it looks amazing!


Advanced Options:

You can adjust the time zone, choose different templates, and more by using some advanced options in the URL for the status board.  By default, the time zone is set -5 hours from GMT, or Chicago (since that is where we are located).  You can see this in the variable by adding a question mark then the time offset.  You can have multiple settings by separating them with the ampersand.  For example, this URL sets the time zone to -5 hours from GMT, and sets the template to statusboard:


The current options are below:

timeoffset: the number of hours the status board should offset times from GMT.  

template: a template to use to display the status board.  Currently the options are “pure” and “statusboard”.  “Pure” uses the table styling from http://purecss.io and “statusboard” uses the styling to make it look great on Status Board from Panic.


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