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Winclone Terminology

There are some vocabulary terms used repeatedly in the FAQ and support documents.  If you are new to Winclone, these terms may help you better understand Winclone's capabilities:
Imaging refers to the process of archiving a complete copy of the Boot Camp partition to a Winclone image file, sometimes referred to as "cloning".
Restore refers to the process of extracting the contents of a Winclone image file onto a bootable Boot Camp partition.
Migration refers to the process of moving a working Boot Camp partition or real PC to a Boot Camp partition on other hardware.
Sources refers to the original Boot Camp partition or Winclone image from which the imaging or migration is derived.
Destinations refers to the target Boot Camp partition or Winclone image that will receive the data from the source.  
Partition refers to a container within a hard drive.  A dual-boot Mac using a single drive has at least two partitions, one for the Mac operating system and the other for the Boot Camp partition.  
File System refers to the usable space within a partition.  The file system size is usually equal to the partition size but can be shrunk down in preparation to image or migrate to a smaller Boot Camp partition.
Winclone File refers to an archive of the Windows system captured by Winclone. The Winclone file contains a complete snapshot Boot Camp and will be an exact, bootable copy of the original when restored to a Boot Camp partition.
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