Preparing Boot Camp for Imaging

Check Winclone Preferences: Before proceeding to create a Winclone image, make sure to go through the Winclone Preference settings to ensure that these settings are correct for your situation.  See the above FAQ for details about Winclone Preferences.  
Run chkdsk: Often the Windows file system will need to have bad blocks repaired before an image can be saved successfully.  Always run chkdsk prior to creating an image.  See help document Run CHKDSK to Check for Errors Before Imaging for instructions. 
Verify availability of storage space: Make sure your selected storage location has sufficient space to store the Winclone image.  You may save the Winclone image to external storage as long as the file format of the volume is Mac OS (HFS+).
Shrink file system (optional): If you expect to restore the Winclone image back to a smaller partition than the current one, first shrink the Boot Camp file system.  See Resize an Existing Boot Camp Partition for additional details.  
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