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Free iBeacon Apps!

Twocanoes Labs makes great beacons and great software to go along with them.  Check out some of our free software that works great with our iBeacons.



 Geohopper is your private messenger service, sending notifications to friends and family, home security and other automation systems. Geohopper will talk to web services, rss feeds for automating actions when arriving or leaving a location. Download it for free from the app store.




Geohopper for Mac


Like Geohopper for iOS, Mac Geohopper displays events in the Timeline when you or your connections enter or exit a region. On the Mac, Geohopper can automatically run actions. Learn more.

Beacon Launcher 



Beacon Launcher is an OS X app that allows you to easily run scripts when your Mac is near a beacon.  Just add in the beacon identifiers, tell it what apps or scripts to run when entering or exiting a beacon, and BAM!, you are done.

Beacon Launcher is free, but you can support it by buying some of our awesome beacons here.

Download Beacon Launcher here.

Bleu Meetings

Bleu Meetings is an online service for distributing passes, information and notifications for events large and small. Use the web app to set up areas for your registration desk, conference areas, and meeting rooms. Use the Bleu Meetings iPhone App to connect to your account and automatically configure Bleu Meeting Beacons as iBeacons tied to locations in your event. The Bleu Meetings app can quickly and easily configure a beacon for each of your areas. In minutes your event will be Beacon-enabled. Passes distributed via the Bleu Meeting system immediately gain the benefit of location-awareness, giving your participants location-based updates relevant to their immediate location.



beaconscan is a command line utility for OS X that will display information about nearby beacons. For iBeacons, it will display the UUID, Major, Minor, Power Calibration, and RSSI. For Physical Web Beacons (or Uribeacons), it will show the URL associated with the beacon. Learn more at https://bitbucket.org/twocanoes/beaconscan


 Beacon Scan for OS X


Beacon Scan is an OS X app to find any iBeacons or Physical Web beacons.  It requires a Mac with Bluetooth LE and 10.10 (Yosemite).   Just launch it, and it will start showing nearby beacons.  You can copy the UUID or other data for easy pasting into apps.

Learn more at http://appstore.com/mac/beaconscan.




Bleu Setup 

Bleu Setup allows you to easily set up Bleu Station iBeacon hardware from Twocanoes Software. Bleu Stations are low energy Bluetooth devices that easily enable your applications to be proximity aware. The scale and accuracy are designed for smaller spaces than standard GPS, and can be used for indoor geolocation. They open up new possibilities for home automation, security and convenience. Download it for free from the app store.


Bleu JSS


Bleu JSS for iOS makes JSS beacon deployment and tuning a simple process. Log in to your JAMF Casper Suite Software Server (JSS) instance from the Bleu JSS app, select a location and tap to automatically configure the beacon for that location. Casper Suite 9.5 and later contains a powerful mobile device management feature to apply policies based on location. Bleu JSS for iOS connects directly to your JSS and makes deploying Bleu Station beacons in a location quick and easy. After the beacon has been configured, use Bleu JSS to tune the beacon's signal to the desired broadcast strength for that space. Download it for free from the app store.



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