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Geohopper Beacon User Guide


Thanks for purchasing the Geohopper Beacon! We hope that you find using your beacon and Geohopper to be a useful tool for notify friends and family when arriving and departing locations. This user guide covers how to set up your Geohopper beacon and some basic troubleshooting.

Download Geohopper

Prior to setting up your Geohopper Beacon, you'll need to download Geohopper from the App Store. You can search for it or you can go to App Store to download it. Note that you must have an iPhone 4s or later with iOS 7 in order to use a iBeacon with iOS.

Setting up Geohopper to connect to the Geohopper Service


Geohopper works by detecting when you enter or exit range of the Geohopper Beacon. In order to notify friends and family automatically, the enter or exit event needs to be reported to the Geohopper service, and the service notifies your specified contacts based on your settings. To register for the Geohopper Service, provide your name and email address, and then click on verification link in your email.

Set up the Geohopper Beacon

After registering for the service, you will be prompted to set up your Geohopper Beacon.

When prompted, insert the Geohopper Beacon in the included power supply and plug into a nearby outlet. When the beacon is detected, select it and the beacon will be automatically configurated.


In order to set up the beacon, it must first be paired with your iOS device. When prompted, select the "Pair" button.

After the beacon has been configured, give it a name and provide the email addresses of the folks you want to notify. If you don't specify any email address, only you will be notified when entering or exiting range of the beacon.

Testing and Notifying

After the location has been set up, you can now try leaving the area near the beacon to have it automatically notify you when in or our of range of the beacon. You can add additional people to notify by selecting the beacon location and adding additional connections.

Modifying Range

If you want to reduce the power of the Geohopper Beacon, download the free Bleu Station configuration app from the App Store. After installation of the app, unplug and replug in the Geohopper Beacon for it to be recognized by the Bleu Station app. The Geohopper Beacon only allows you to connect and save settings in the first 30 seconds after power up. Also, the settings are all protected by a password. Since the password for the beacon was set automatically for you in Geohopper, you are not prompted to enter it when connecting with Bleu Setup. The password was stored in the keychain on iPhone, and will automatically be entered.

Once you see the Geohopper Beacon in the list, select it and authenticate with the password that gets automatically entered. You can then adjust the power and press Save.

Reset the Geohopper Beacon

To reset the Geohopper Beacon, apply power to Geohopper Beacon and then insert a paperclip into the reset hold and hold for 5 seconds. Once reset, you must delete the Bluetooth pairing on iOS. To do so, go to Settings->Bluetooth, select the beacon, and then tap "Forget". This will remove the Bluetooth pairing for the iOS device.

If you Geohopper beacon does not have a reset switch, follow the procedure here to reset:


Additional Information and Support

For additional information and support, see:

Using Bleu Setup to Configure your Bleu Station Beacon


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