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What's new in Winclone 5

What's New In Winclone 5
  • Winclone Backup for scheduled, incremental backup of Boot Camp user files
  • Winclone Basic edition for simple, no-frills Boot Camp cloning
  • Support for OS X Core Storage volumes
  • Performance optimizations
  • Updated user interface
What's new in Winclone 4
  • Real PC Migration
  • Disk-to-disk direct migration
  • Windows PC to Winclone Image
  • Windows PC to Boot Camp
  • Supports Windows 7 higher
  • Target disk mode imaging and restoring
  • Migrate Boot Camp directly from one Mac to another
  • Clone a Boot Camp partition to a sparse disk image
  • Now recognizes ExFAT for destination partition format
  • Fully backward-compatible with Winclone 3 files
  • Improved design for easier navigation
  • Select from various Sources
  • One-button imaging
  • One-button restoring
  • Direct access to Console log
  • Help menu option to send feedback via Twitter
  • New notification tones
  • Retina-ready
  • Full screen mode window option
  • Help menu option for full screen mode
  • Share Winclone images over the network
  • Disk to disk over network
  • Disk to file over network
  • Share images over network
  • Image or restore between Macs over the network
  • Navigate to shared Winclone image
  • Navigate to Boot Camp partitions on the network
  • Optimized for faster imaging and restoring
  • Clone quickly and easily
  • Fast cloning, fast restoring
  • Low CPU utilization so you can keep working
  • Log collection feature for troubleshooting
  • Support for Auto Reference Caching OS X memory management
  • 64-bit
  • multi-processor support
  • Uses Pigz data compression
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