Purchasing a Winclone Upgrade

In order to get upgrade pricing for Winclone (or Winclone Pro), you must use the same email address during purchasing that use for your current licensing information.  

The steps below outline how to figure out the current email address that is used by your edition of Winclone.

1.  Launch the version of Winclone you wish to upgrade.  

2.  Under the "Winclone" menu, select Preferences.

3.  Under License Information, note the email address used.

When purchasing, use this email address when asked for your current email address.

If you are no longer able to use this email address, please send a message to to update your email address to the correct email address.

If you order an upgrade and the email do not match, your order will still complete but we will need to manually update the system with your correct email address. If this happens, send an email to

Note that you can only upgrade the same edition.  If you would like to upgrade between editions (like Winclone Basic to Winclone Standard, or Winclone to Winclone Pro), please send an email to and we will arrange the upgrade.


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