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Winclone Basic User Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Preparing Boot Camp
  2. Creating an Image
  3. Restoring an Image

Preparing Boot Camp 

Run CHKDSK in Windows before running Sysprep:

Run CHKDSK on Boot Camp


Creating an Image

Open Winclone Basic and make sure that your boot camp partition is listed next to 'Bootcamp Partition' and appears on the application:


Next, select "Save Image". Winclone will ask if you are sure you would like to create the image. Please make sure you have run CHKDSK /b on the partition before creating the image. 

Designate a name for your image


Winclone will indicate the percentage completed


Restoring an Image

After creating the image, you can restore to the existing boot camp partition. Please move the image to the desktop of your Mac OS X. 


Next, add the image to Winclone. 


Next, select "Restore Image" 

Winclone will display the percentage complete

Winclone will notify you when the restore has completed



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  • Avatar

    以前のWincloneでBackupしているが、今回Winclone Basicを購入したので、
    OSX10.11.1でBackupしたいが、imagingまで行って、Verify Failed
    image creation failed verify check. Try runningch chkdsk/b when booted in
    Windows to repair and try again. Err-10. と出てbackupが出来ない。

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