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SD Clone 3: Getting Started


Download the SD Clone installer from the confirmation email or web page and double-click to install.  Authenticate with your MacOS user account password and SD Clone will install to the Applications folder.  

Double-click the SD Clone App to launch. The SD Clone Trial is fully functional for 7 days.  You may purchase SD Clone within the app at any time.

New! SD Clone Toolbar

New in SD Clone 3 is a utility toolbar for common tasks like ejecting SD Cards, shrinking the file system, expanding the file system and verifying SD cards.  The toolbar also provides access to Raspberry Pi images hosted around the web that may be of interest to SD Clone users in Image Central.  


Sources and Destinations

SD Clone's main window contains two areas, the Sources column on the left and the Destinations window in the top center.  Sources and destinations can be SD cards, disk images, compressed disk images or USB flash drives.  When a source is selected, all valid Destinations will be displayed.  

For example, if a single connected SD card is selected as the source, SD Clone will present "Save Image" as the available destination.  Hit the button in the lower right corner to save the image.

Likewise, if an image file, in compressed zip or .dmg format is selected as the source, SD clone will present the attached SD card as the available destination. Hit the button in the lower right corner restore the image to the SD card.


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  • Avatar
    Radu Bosneag

    Sorry guys but the current version of SD Clone is not working at all for me (v2.2, build 9846 in this case).

    I am using a SanDisk Ultra 16Gb with Raspbian installed and tried to create a backup image using this tool.
    The card appears on the left side so I select it, check Save Image as a destination and press the "Save Image..." button. Nothing happens, image is not created: CPU is not working, disk usage does not increase, no progress indicator, no message of success or failure, no warning or anything.

    Moreover, the "More Information" button in the confirmation dialog takes me to the WinClone help (obviously, SD Clone is a clone of WinClone, if I may :P), the FAQ suggested in the app does not exist, no help available so I wrote to Support waiting for an answer.

    The tool seems great but it is far overpriced (100$ at the time of this writing) and is not working at all :).

    Unfortunately I need to head back to "dd" with "rdisk" to complete my first backup.

    Hope you guys will fix these issues soon as it doesn't seem to be a stable release.

    PS: before trying SD Clone I already mentioned about it as a great backup solution on StackExchange, now I think I'll get negative votes for that suggestion :(

  • Avatar

    Very strange. We use it on a daily basis for doing exactly what you are doing, and it works great. Can you send your logs by going to the Help menu and selecting Send Logs, then emailing the resulting zip to support@twocanoes.com? We will look right into it. Can you also include what OS version you are running.

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